Monday, 17 January 2022
Friday, 19 November 2021 20:12

Philippine Army demilitarizes CCSR firearms

MALUNGON, Sarangani (November 19, 2021) – Military officials lead the demilitarization of CCSR firearms on November 17 at the 1002nd Infantry Brigade Headquarters, Camp Agaab in Sitio Pulatana, Barangay Malandag. The destroyed weapons were part of the 240 captured, confiscated, surrendered, and recovered (CCSR) through military operations in the 10th Infantry Division from January up to the present. Among the weapons destroyed were high-powered and low-powered firearms including M16 rifles, M14 rifles, AK-47 rifles, M203 grenade launchers, Calibre 30 machine guns, and others. After the demilitarization, a press conference followed where 10ID presented its accomplishments in ending violence and insurgency in Sarangani and other neighboring provinces. (Martin Fernando Bernad Jr.-Jori Mae Samillano/SARANGANI PROVINCIAL INFORMATION OFFICE)

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