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Provincial Administrator Atty. Ramos visits Lanao Kapanglao  


GLAN, Sarangani (September 19, 2022) – Provincial Administrator Atty. Ryan Jay Ramos represented Governor Rogelio "Ruel" D. Pacquiao during a community visit at Lanao Kapanglao, Barangay Datal Bukay in Glan from September 17 to 18.


The visit was done to check the accessibility of roads going to the area in preparation for the Ronda Probinsya’s Barangayan in line with Governor Pacquiao’s Ronda Probinsya program.


Atty. Ramos had an opportunity to engage with some locals in the area and discuss some issues and problems.


The concerns discussed include the source and supply of potable water; access to electricity; sanitary concerns; education pertaining to the needs of the teachers; and malnutrition of the students in the community.


Lanao Kapanglao is one of the farthest communities in Sarangani, situated in Barangay Datal Bukay, which can be reached through hours of rough-road travel from the town proper.


According to Sarangani Indigenous Peoples Professional Association (SIPPA) program manager Fulong Romeo Martin, the word “Lanao” is the Blaan term for Lake. “Technically, Lanao Kafanglao means Lake Kafanglao,” he said.


He also explained that “Kafanglao” is the proper way of saying “kasi walang P in the Blaan dialect.” (Rey Gatcho-PADO/PIO)


 ?Rey Gatcho & Hector Ivan Labus

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