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Friday, 13 March 2020 10:00

Glan placed under partial community quarantine

GLAN, Sarangani (March 13, 2020) – Glan Mayor Vivien B. Yap signed on Friday (March 13) Executive Order (EO) No. 15 placing the whole town of Glan under a month-long “partial community quarantine” versus the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The EO will take effect on March 14 until April 14.

This was prompted by the two Japanese descendants who are overseas Filipino workers investigated and monitored for COVID-19 who left Glan for Davao City on Thursday (March 12).

Both are currently admitted at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao for isolation after they were traced to have checked in at Sampaguita’s Inn in the city.

Dr. Arvin Alejandro, the Provincial Health Officer in Sarangani, said only the 27-year old female developed symptoms and would be released after the test would yield negative results. While the other female, 31, who is considered PUM (person under monitoring) will end the quarantine period on March 15.

Dr. Gliceria Corsame, the town’s Municipal Health Officer, said the Japanese descendants arrived in Glan from Ibaraki-Ken, Japan on February 29.

Her team immediately conducted investigation after learning their arrival only on March 10 but both later checked-out from an inn in Poblacion, Glan after the investigation.

Mayor Yap, who is also a doctor, denied reports that the Japanese descendants escaped from the town’s municipal hospital where they were supposed to be isolated as she said they were “uncooperative.”

“We were really pushing it hard on them because we really wanted to isolate them. They didn’t tell us, in fact, nobody would, where they were. But after some thorough tracing, it came to our knowledge that they were in Davao.”

Mayor Yap said the PUI and the PUM were supposed to be isolated on March 11 “but that didn’t happen because nilakaw sila nga wala nagpahibalo. Sad as it may seem, they have gone out so much that when and if they’re going to be positive that would gonna be a headache for me… they even went to a beach resort with some friends, they went home to their barangay and had a drinking session.”

She said, apparently the 6-year old daughter of the PUI and her fiancé and the Grade 4 nephew now have cough and colds.

Dr. Alejandro said the daughter was sent on Friday (March 13) to a General Santos City hospital for isolation while the nephew and fiancé are left in Glan for monitoring.

Mayor Yap immediately ordered the suspension of classes in Glan Central Elementary School on Thursday (March 12) where both kids are enrolled and in Glan School of Arts and Trades where some students happened to have personal contact with the PUI and PUM.

Both schools are now being disinfected including the inn where the PUI and PUM stayed and some other offices in the town.

Under the EO, “all business establishment including computer shops, churches, restaurants are required to do frequent regular disinfection.”

Mayor Yap also discouraged the residents of her town “to travel outside Glan not unless very necessary.”

"If we would go for a total lockdown, nobody from Glan can go out of Glan and nobody can enter either. But we cannot possibly do that for a month time because what about the food supply and the other needs of the people,” Yap said.

With the advent of the summer season, the mayor said the influx of foreign and local tourists is expected but said “we just could not accept more tourists to come at this point in time. It will add more problem to what we have right now.”

In the EO, “local tourists from other cities/municipalities shall be advised to stay for only 24 hours in the municipality especially in the resorts vicinity.”

While “all tourist/s (Foreigner and Local) who have arrived in the country within 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the municipality but should be advised proper self-quarantine in other areas but not within the Municipality of Glan.”

Also, “Local tourist/s who have travelled to other countries who have cases of CORONA VIRUS infection will not be allowed to enter in the municipality not unless they undergone quarantine for 14 days.” (Beverly C. Paoyon/SARANGANI PROVINCIAL INFORMATION OFFICE)

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