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Sarbay Strongman Competition: A family that lifts together

GUMASA, Glan, Sarangani (May 31, 2019) – It was more than three years ago when Jypril Quintana first discovered the love for lifting and life at the gym.

He was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, which would eventually lead him to live a healthy lifestyle.

A little more than a year ago, Jypril discovered Strongman Competition or strength athletics through his mentor Stephen Thomas Haw. Haw is widely considered as one of the pioneers of Strongman Competition locally.

It was not long till he convinced his wife, Abba Quintana and his eldest son, 17-year old Jyrouz Abby, to join. All three competed, during the Sarangani Bay Festival Strongman Competition on May 30, with Jypril and his son Jyrouz battling it out under the same category.

The Quintana family joined Strongman athletes from all over the country as they competed in Strongman disciplines such as carrying heavy objects, deadlifts, and tire flips.

The SarBay Fest Strongman Competition was divided into the men and women’s division with each division having their own set of owner’s base on their weight class and overall points gathered during the competition.

Every division has its own category at Under 70, Under 80, under 90, Under 105, and an Open Category for male; with Under 62, and an Open Category for female.

Gerard Eula of General Santos bagged the Under 70 male category, while Gidson Amba Pactol of Koronadal got the Under 80.

Under 90 male was finally grabbed the by 26-year old Harold Jomar Gesulga from Gensan.

Billy Banes also took the Under 105 gold with John Funtanilla, 35 years old from Manila took home the Male Open Category.

For the female category, Erika Vilchez secured the Under 62 category win, while the crowd-darling Camille Tapec from Gensan aced the Open Category for female.

Jypril Quintana got the silver for the Under 70, and his son Jyrouz stunned the crowd by lifting a massive 290-kilogram load.

Abba took home the silver for the Under 62 women’s division.

When the Strongman Competition first came into the shores of the SarBay Fest, it was met with curious stares and a lot of questions, a year later, it is a fun and exciting part of the fete that has finally found its home in the hearts of SarBay citizens. (Jed Reston for Sarbay Docu Team/SARANGANI COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE)

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