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Alabel gets DAR, Italian peace projects

ALABEL, Sarangani (May 7, 2018) – Some 3,450 households in Alabel will experience significant increase in the net value of agricultural products and will have more time available for other productive activities in the coming months.

Two farm-to-market roads and 10 solar dryers were constructed in two Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) - Kawas ARC which covers Barangay Kawas and BATODO ARC which include Barangays Baluntay, Tokawal and Domolok, respectively.

In addition, an expansion of the potable water system (Level 2) in Kawas ARC will benefit 804 households.

The infrastructure projects were turned over on April 13 under DAR Italian Assistance to Agrarian Reform Community Development Support Program (IARCDSP).

Lombo Callalo, 71 years old, resident of Sitio Datal Mutag, Barangay Domolok thanked the government for the 450 sqm. solar dryer which will benefit the purely farming community by reducing post-harvest losses.

“Dugay na mi naghandum ug solar dryer, kalipay namong dako kay niabot ang DAR, Italian (We have been hoping to have a solar dryer for a long time. We are so grateful through DAR, Italian that we finally got one),” said Rogel Malayon, purok chairman of Sitio Datal Conde, Domolok.

DAR Undersecretary for Foreign Assisted and Special Projects Sylvia F. Mallari expressed her deep gratitude to the people of Alabel for the opportunity they gave to serve them.

“Seeing that projects such as these were provided because it is what the people really need convey the spirit of true service, and it is the reason why DAR is there for them”, Mallari said.

DAR- IARCDSP Chief Technical Advisor – Carlo de Rosa said that the Italian peace projects became a success because of cooperation among various players and that the projects truly reached the people it intends to help.

Mayor Vic Paul M. Salarda extended his gratitude and acceptance of the DAR-IARCDSP projects. He appealed to his people to take care of the project in such a way that the future generations will enjoy them and they will know about DAR and the Italian Government assistance to Alabel.

Meanwhile, Engr. Anuar P. Acop, the National Project Coordinator of DAR-IARCDS, responded to the feelings of the beneficiaries. For his part, he emphasized that as project implementers, they only get satisfaction and happiness when they see the people happy.

He furthered that the success and sustainability of the projects somehow lies at the hand of the beneficiaries.

Of the ₱20M total project cost, Engr. Rosemarie M. Baladiang DAR-IARCDSP Community Infrastructure Development Support (CIDS) coordinator explained that 50% of the project cost comes from DAR-IARCDSP and 50% comes from the Local Government Unit of Alabel, Sarangani.

Baladiang commended the LGU for acting upon promptly on their counterpart – 10% cash, 40% in kind which include operation and maintenance cost in years to come.

The completed projects being turned over are under the phase 1 of the DAR-IARCDSP. Another batch under the phase 2 of the infrastructure projects worth ₱70M will be constructed and eventually turned-over next year. (Agnes R. Torino/DAR-Sarangani)

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