As a poverty reduction program, it will develop, adopt, and execute strategies to uplift the quality of life in the following areas:

  • Social stability
  • Education
  • Health and nutrition
  • Environmental management
  • Disaster resiliency and
  • Economic empowerment

CONVERGENCES of all resources through evidence-based actions towards God-centered development.

Would respond to the various development needs of Sarangans.

Component Projects

Enhancement / Improvement of Governance System of PLGU, MLGUs, & BLGUs

Family Enhancement & Community Development

Sustaining Peace & Development in Conflict-vulnerable Communities

Agro-forestry Technology Transfer and Rehabilitation of Buffer Riparian Areas

Ensure Food Sufficiency & Security

Reduction of Vulnerability E Enhancement of Capacity Towards Disaster Resiliency

Reduction of Child Mortality & Improve Maternity Health (Millennium Dev't Goals 4,5,7)

Empowerment, Protection, Preservation & Promotion of Resources of IPs through Partnership, Collaborations and Skills Enhancement

Education pillar that will coordinate & Strengthen Partnership with DepEd

Improve access to basic services to ensure fast mobility and continuous flow of goods and services

Sarangani Awards

Legislative Information